Setup of USEARCH

The USEARCH software is required to perform the Orthology search operation and to export ortholog groups into nucleotide sequences. However, due to licensing issues, USEARCH cannot be bundled with Triusion, so it requires some user intervention to setup. But don’t fret! Everything can be up and running with just a few simple steps. Moreover, after the initial setup, TriFusion will store the USEARCH executable internally and use it for all subsequent sessions.

  • Step 1: Download the USEARCH executable for your corresponding operating system here.

  • Step 2: If USEARCH is not reachable by TriFusion, you will see a warning like this when you navigate to Orthology -> Show additional options -> USEARCH:


    Click the Fix it button, and then the Search USEARCH executable button.

  • Step 3: Search for the executable you have downloaded in Step 1 and click the Save button.

And that’s it. When a valid USEARCH executable is provided, the previous warning should be replaced with a green box saying “USEARCH is installed and reachable”. You are good to go!