Any data set that is loaded in TriFusion (be it proteomes or alignments) can be saved as a Project, which allows it to be quickly loaded in future separate sessions. As soon as TriFusion opens, it displays a list of previously save project for quick loading.


Save a data set as a project

Once a particular data set has been loaded into TriFusion, navigate to Menu -> Project Management and click the Save current project button. Provide a unique and descriptive name for your project and click Ok.


Saved projects will be stored and listed in this sub-menu of the side panel, besides the list in the Home screen of TriFusion. A small label will be associated with each project: A O label represents an Orthology project (proteomes), whereas a P label represents a Process and Statistics project (sequence alignments).

Load a project


When a new project is loaded, any previously loaded files are removed from the current session!

There are two places where saved projects can be loaded. In the home screen of TriFusion, there is a Quick Open Project box:


Alternatively, navigating to Menu -> Project Management will also list the projects in the side panel: